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The new standard in compliance

Upgrade your business to Quincely Pro - the better way to record and report compliance with simple to use technology – at a price you can afford.

A comprehensive suite of record types, including Opening & Closing Checks, Cleaning Schedules, Production Records, Safety & Temperature Checks, Maintenance Checks, Fire Safety, Health & Safety and many more....

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How it works

We send our unique QR Codes that you apply to everything where an action is required, such as temperature readings, quality checks, first aid or production records.

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Quincely Pro is a simple-to-use App that runs on your Apple or Android phone or tablet as well as being accessible via your PC


Easily achieve an effective system that ensures records are kept accurately and on time - without the need for pen or paper!


Securely stored and accessible from your computer - 100% reliable data that satisfies both EHO and Audit compliance

Be amongst the first to try Quincely Pro and benefit from an extended free period, just send us your details and we will be in touch soon.

Thank you for your interest, we'll be in touch very soon.

Who uses Quincely Pro?

It doesn't matter how big or small your business is. If you produce or serve food or drink in any form you are required by law to keep records of your safety checks.


Single site mobile caterer, cafe, pub, restaurant, hotel, care home etc...


Small food producer, independent manufacturer, brewer, distillery, large scale manufacturing etc...


Multi site mobile caterer, cafe, pub, restaurant, hotel, care home etc...

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Schools, hospitals, care homes, military,  events, tourist attractions, business to business etc...

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Maintenance, Fire Prevention, Catering, Welfare and many other checks...

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Reduced time to capture each record.

No more finding the right sheet of paper and looking for a pen.  Simply scan the QR Code, Quincely Pro will fill in all the fixed fields and you just add the record detail.

No more falsified records.

The time, date and user is captured automatically and cannot be edited.  Once the record is complete your staff cannot change the detail captured at the time, but you can still add explanations and record your corrective actions.

Cloud access to all of your records at any time, in real time.

All of your records are securely held in the cloud and can be accesses 24/7 from any location worldwide via a web browser.  Records can be filtered and are searchable to make finding the right piece of information a breeze.

Higher levels of compliance for audits and EHO inspections.

It is important that your records are fully trusted, with Quincely Pro your EHO or inspector will have confidence that the data they are looking at is true and trustworthy, setting the tone for a better relationship and higher audit scores.

Daily dashboards and reminders showing compliance levels.

Quickly check how well your staff have been keeping your records with clear to read and comprehensive records.

No more lost or soiled records.

Because all your records are stored securely in the cloud as soon as they are captured, you need never worry again about records being mislaid or damaged.

Share records with your EHO or Auditor if you choose to.

Because your records are stored safely in the cloud, if you choose to, records can be shared with your Auditor or EHO through a specially designed log in, giving them confidence in your management of food safety.

Covering key markets around the world.

We have solutions for both Foodservice Operators and Food Manufacturers of all sizes, whether single site or enterprise level.  All of our solutions are tailored to the type of business that you are. Quincely Pro has a solution for all.

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Value that works for you

Quincely Pro is the solution you cannot afford to be without

Quincely Pro
The right solution for small, single site operators of all types.  Ideal for those who want to maintain robust records but only need to demonstrate the minimum audit requirements.
30 days free trial
Unlimited records
Unlimited users
Clear fixed pricing
Pay monthly or annually
No binding contracts
Quick and easy to set up
No set up fees

Quincely Pro +
Ideal for larger or more complex single site operators and food manufacturers. 
Quincely Pro + offers all the benefits of Quincely Pro but with advanced record keeping features for batch and production needs and the records you need for advanced audit requirements.
30 days free trial
Unlimited records
Unlimited users
Clear fixed pricing
Pay monthly or annually
No binding contracts
Easy to set up
No set up fees*
Quincely Pro e
Designed specifically for  the needs of multi site and enterprise size operators.  Offering all the benefits of either Quincely Pro or Quincely Pro + according to your needs, but with scaleability as your business expands and added Head Office reporting and admin functions.
Unlimited records
Unlimited users
Clear fixed pricing
Pay monthly or annually
Assisted set up
Dedicated account management
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